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Hendersonville Carpet Cleaning  is Hendersonville's trusted family-owned & operated upholstery & carpet cleaning company.

With 30 years of experience in the Hendersonville & surrounding area, we provide professional deep steam-cleaning carpet cleaning services, as well as furniture cleaning & water extractions, with a state-of-the-art truck-mounted unit.

There are never any hidden costs, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

               3 areas cleaned - $99.95 (max 200 sf per area)

                                                                  We pre-spray all carpet before we begin the cleaning process!                                                                                                615-757-9298                     

Carpet Cleaning Services in Hendersonville

A dirty, stained and discolored carpet not only looks unsightly, it can also contribute to a number of different health conditions; and may even wear out more quickly than a clean item!  Even with regular vacuum cleaning or brushing, over time particles of dirt, dust, animal hairs and other detritus can become trapped in the carpet fibers.  Without regular carpet steam cleaning, there is a considerable risk that members of the household with allergies will suffer unduly. 


 Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning

We use cutting-edge, high-tech equipment that provides a truly thorough cleaning action.  Even where areas of carpet are deeply ingrained with dirt, our machinery can typically reach it, shift it and eliminate it.  We pre-spray each area we work on, giving maximum results on carpets of all shapes and sizes.  Whether you need a single room cleaning or require an entire house to be treated, we can help.  Regular deep cleaning removes debris which is potentially harmful to the fibers of your carpet, often increasing its longevity. 

Offices, Showrooms and More

As well as residential properties, we're also happy to undertake commercial carpet cleaning.  Not only does a clean carpet give an excellent impression to visitors and clients, it's always good for staff morale and safety to work in a healthy, hygienic environment.  A cleaning schedule can help keep your carpets in good condition for longer, minimizing the risk of a costly replacement being required.  Our team can work around your opening hours, ensuring that business isn't compromised by the cleaning process.

High Caliber Upholstery & Rug Cleaning

If you're located in or around Hendersonville, we're ideally placed to come over and provide the careful, thorough and professional service your carpets deserve.  We have significant experience in cleaning carpets manufactured from wool or synthetic variations, providing a treatment that removes grime at the same time as protecting the carpet material.  Our team is trained and experienced in the use of cleaning equipment and we treat every client and their premises with respect.  We strive to provide a winning combination of excellent customer service and excellent results.  Call us now at    (615) 757-9298.

 Hendersonville Carpet Cleaning

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